Sustainable Practises

Ethics and sustainability are the core of everything we do as a business. We are commited to being a consistently decent company, by providing training, higher education and invest in the people who make this revolution possible.


We use elephant grass to weave our products. Elephant grass is one of the most incredible sustainable plants out there to use, its easy to grow and wonderfully high yielding It’s a plant native to Africa and product weavers in the north of ghana have used for generations. Elephant grass is the most gorgeous plant because they have low water and nutrient requirements so it thrives in uncultivated lands.


Leatherwork and weaving have traditionally in Bolga have always been linked. Bolga is a farming community, weaving traditionally was a way of making money during the dry season. Leather was added to baskets for decorative and functional purposes. None of the leather used in our products is as a result of slaughtering animals for their skin. We use leather which Is intended as a by product and ethically produced. We are working towards finding quality leather alternatives. The skins we use are either sourced from the UK or Ghana depending on the purpose if you would like more information please get in contact with us here.


Dying is the most wasteful part of the weaving process this is because of the amount of water involved. We use water based dyes which are non toxic and naturally better for the environment. We endeavour to dye the straw together as this cuts down on the waste and time of each individual weaver. We are constantly striving to find more eco ways of producing our garments through natural dyes, water conservation etc.

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